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The Restaurant is closed for holidays from Mon 17th of July until Sun 30th July

We will re-open for business as usual on Mon 31st July

Chef's Recommendations

Spaghetti Carbonara

An Italian pasta dish from Rome based on eggs, cheese, bacon, and black...

Lasagna Al Forno

This is a classic lasagne recipe which has been perfected over the...

Pizza Rusticana

Pizza made with Tomato, Cheese, Chicken and...

Location and Opening Times

Lunch Menu 12am to 2pm Mon-Sat
Pre-Theatre 5pm to 7pm Mon-Fri
Pre-Theatre 12:30pm to 6:30pm Sun
A la Carte Every Evening

Customer Testimonials

Marie Duffy

The food is top quality and the service is excellent. Never a let down! Thanks for a fantastic meal.

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